Contaminated Pipe Tunnel/Crawlspace

As part of a district-wide Construction Project, certified QuES&T Inspection personnel completed an Asbestos Hazard Assessment of a grossly contaminated Pipe Tunnel/Crawlspace, where access was necessary by Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Contractors for overall completion of project.

Following completion of the thorough Asbestos Hazard Contamination Assessment, NYSDOL/AHERA certified QuES&T Project Design personnel developed required abatement specifications, AutoCAD drafting, contract documents & bid lists, and formulation of Job Specific Variances, to ensure implementation of the most cost-effective and technically sound solutions.

Upon abatement contractor award, QuES&T acted as the Owner’s Representative and provided Abatement Monitoring & Project Management Services, to ensure regulatory compliance, acceptance of work and compressed schedule completions.

Contaminated Pipe Tunnel/Crawlspace 1
Contaminated Pipe Tunnel/Crawlspace 2
Contaminated Pipe Tunnel/Crawlspace 3