ExpiredOSHA Hexavalent Chromium Awareness (2-hours)

Hexavalent Chromium, or HexChrom, is a hazardous material capable of causing irreparable harm when one is exposed to the chemical for extended periods of time. Since it is an invaluable material used in multiple processes over a variety of industries, proper education and awareness is required by OSHA and standards have been established to ensure worker safety when working with and around HexChrom. OSHA has recently revised its standard concerning permissible exposure limits for HexChrom. This course is conducted over a minimum of two (2) hours and solely includes formal classroom training to ensure your workplace is up-to-date and your workers are aware of the risks of exposure to, and health hazards associated with, HexChrom.

Course Topics to include: HexChrom Basics, Health Hazards, Regulations, Proper Handling & Housekeeping, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Medical Surveillance & Recordkeeping, Etc.

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    February 8, 2017
    8:00 am - 9:00 am