NYS Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor Refresher

June 16, 2014 – June 16, 2014

1376 Route 9

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This course is designed for personnel who either currently hold a valid EPA/NYS Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor certification or have successfully completed an EPA/NYS accredited Supervisor training program within the past twelve months. The total instruction time of 8 hours includes formal classroom training only. Successful completion of this course will enable the individual to apply for re-certification by New York State, fulfills EPA accreditation requirements and satisfies OSHA Training requirements for Class I and Class II asbestos workers.

Review Topics include: Core Topics (History, Identification, Current Regulations, Health Effects, Protective Clothing, Abatement Control Options), PPE, State of the Art Work Practices, Personal Hygiene, Medical Monitoring, Work Area Prep, Engineering Control Techniques, Decontamination Systems, Clean-up & Disposal, Other Safety Hazards, Air Monitoring & Testing, PPE Programs, Insurance/Liability, Recordkeeping, Supervisory Techniques, Contract Specifications and Case Studies.